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Kimi The Arsonist

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Ups and Downs [Aug. 2nd, 2004|08:40 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
Hey! So Warped kicked ass! Mike got to my house I'd say around 10, we got there 10:30. We were really far back in line but when Jordan got there, he found friends up at the front, and so we hopped up there with Jordan. Once we got sort of in, everyone ditched me so I could go get my shit at Will Call. Well, I went over to where people who were on the guestlist were suppose to go, and they were asking for people with IDs. So guess who I got to hand my ID to. Ben Harper from YC. He doesn't even check to make sure my name is on the list, he looked at my ID and was like, "YEA! You are on the list!" And we had a conversation for a few. He handed me my ticket and Press Pass. So when I got in, I found Mikey. We went and looked to see who was playing at what time and such. So here is who I can remember who I saw and I am pretty sure that this is the order I saw them in.

Billy Talent So I ran into Ehren and Leah and we went and saw Billy Talent together. We got our asses into the front of the mosh pit. They were fucking sick. Ben's fly kept unzipping so every once and a while you'd see him zip it up. Which I thought was funny. Leah had never heard Billy Talent before and she liked them alot, so I am gonna burn her a copy of their cd.

Sugarcult By the time Sugarcult played and got set up, I had bought a $10 camera with 12 exposures. Haha. I expected the pits to be hardcore but they weren't. If I would have known that I would have broughten my own camera. Sugarcult kicked ass. I got some pics of them. The ones of Tim didn't turn out all that good cuz the damn sun was shining through this crack which fucked up the pic.

All American Rejects We really didn't stick around too long to listen to AAR cuz Ehren was getting hot. So we listened to like maybe 2 songs. Too many people wanted to see them.

Taking Back Sunday We really didn't stick aroudn to see much of TBS either. Alot of fucking people were watching TBS too. But from what I heard, they rocked.

Story Of The Year I felt bad for Ehren cuz she was getting so heated and shit but she told me to go on. So I went moshing to SOTY. I went from being in the dead ass back all the way up to the front. I pushed my way through a lot of fucking people. And the pit was sick. I had so much fun moshing in that one. I got kicked in the head alot too. I had once put my hands up, with my camera in my hand to keep this fatty from dropping on me, and she kicks my camera out of my hand, I went diving for that shit. Haha. I got lots of pics of SOTY too. At one point, the drummer throws a stick into the crowd. I had that bitch in my hand and the dude behind me reached for it and knocked the shit out of my hand and some people started fighting over it. It was two teen guys and an old dude. Finally the old dude pushed the other kid off and was like, "just let him have it." But SOTY was fucking insane! I loved them so much!

Yellowcard As soon as SOTY cut their music, YC wasted no time in beginning. So everybody from the SOTY pit moved like 20 ft to the right to YC's stage. This was my 3rd time seeing Yellowcard. And they never cease to amaze me. In the middle of their performance, they told us to make a circle pit, just like at every YC concert I've been to that they have said to do. And not too many females were in it, so I jumped in for a few and took a couple of swings at some people. It was fun! Hehe. Then I moved back up to the front to mosh. Once again, I got kicked in the head several times. I have like lumps on my head. LoL. But it was worth it.

Anti-Flag We listen to a bit of their stuff cuz Ehren likes them. They aren't necessarily my type of thing, but they weren't bad.

Rufio I listened to them for a bit. They were ok. I don't think I really care for them live.

Motion City Soundtrack Motion City Soundtrack were tyte. I felt bad that I was too tired and over heated to mosh because I really wanted to but I didn't have the energy too. I would have probably passed out. So I called the old man to get ready to come get me. Which you can't blame me, I was moshing and shit alot and it was over 100 degrees. So..

The Casualities We listened to them on my way out. They were pretty tyte. I liked their hair. It was off the chain. LoL.

After that, my old man got me. We dropped my camera off to develop the pics. But let me tell you a bit more about Warped before I get into the after math. Me and Ehren talked to tons of hott guys out promoting their bands and shit. We'd have like 20 min conversations with them and stuff. Then we finally found the Takeover tent after they called me and told me where it was at. We couldn't find it. LoL. But we finally did after a little bit of help from Solomon. So he gave me and then Ehren too some autographed cds to walk around and sell. It was Where We Stand signed by the 3 original members, Ben, LP, and Sean. They were going for $10. Ehren was able to pawn 2 of them off onto some of her friends we ran into. We met Lauren's bo Rami. He seemed nice. And we ran into Billy Talent at their tent. They signed a hat for me and I got a pic with them. In the pic it looks like Ben is about to touch my boob. LoL. Then Ehren got them to autograph a cd. We were walking around, and I just happened to look at the 93.3 tent, and guess who I saw, Sean from YC! And when I pointed him out to Ehren, she freaked. We got a pic of him too. Then we passed the drummer of Sugarcult and I pointed him out to Ehren and she was all like, "Whoa!" It was pretty sweet how we kept seeing these dudes walking around and shit. And we did some other shit. I spent $38 out of the 60 I had. My Dad was impressed. I bought a Billy Talent hat, camera, and 2 cds. So I did good. So after my Dad picked me up, we got my pics developed. They turned out decent enough for a cheap (not in price) camera. Then around 9 something, I got a really depressing phone call confirming a suspicion (sp?) I had about a comment that was left on my Xanga page about Joey. Joey has supposedly ran away. He has been missing since Friday. I made this flyer thing today. If anyone knows anything about where Joey is, contact his family or one of us close friends of his! And if you are a friend or what not of Joey, please post this flyer in your Journal or sites!

Because I wanna get hat flyer out, that is the only reason this post is going public on my LJ site.
So I had to go into work at 11 this morning. I had to run Rita's till for a bit this morning until Daniel got mine set. Then I got my own. I met the new girl today. She seemed nice. I think she has a thing for Daniel. It's funny. Work was good though. During my lunch break, Ryan asked if I had been to the beach or something just as everyone fucking person under the sun has, and I said no I was at Warped. And he goes, "Bitch! I had to work!" I laughed. I didn't get off until like 6 because Daniel forgot I was suppose to get off at 5:30. He apologized a couple of times. LoL. I didn't even know that it was 6 until someone told me. LoL. I gave Mike Dunn a ride home. Then went on an errand to find shit for a cake my mom made. Then I dropped it off and went to Patty's to give her a Get Well card. Then came home, ate, and then here I am. Well, I am sick of typing this. So Bye!
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ATTN: THIS IS THE LAST PUBLIC POST [Jul. 13th, 2004|10:06 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
Okay, so for all you bitches and or assholes that like to leave rude anonymous comments, this will be the last one you will be able to leave because this journal is going friends only. So leave all your little nasty goodbye comments here under your anonymous names because ya'll are too chicken shit to post under a real one. So all I got to say to you anonymous people:

So that is it for the anonymous people up there. If you wanna be able to continue reading my journal, email me at soccergrl2006@hotmail.com or you can IM me at either fsuchick688
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Hehe.. [Jul. 13th, 2004|02:11 am]
Kimi The Arsonist
..fuck all you bitches..
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Phone Post [Jul. 12th, 2004|07:53 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
508K 2:25
(no transcription available)
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To listen to my phone posts.. [Jul. 12th, 2004|12:13 am]
Kimi The Arsonist
Here is the link to download the software to listen to my phone posts if you can't...

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Phone Post [Jul. 12th, 2004|12:08 am]
Kimi The Arsonist
67K 0:18
(no transcription available)
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..Dr. Kimi has been revived.. [Jul. 11th, 2004|10:41 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
[Current Mood |dorkydorky]
[Current Music |Franz Ferdinand]

So today I got up around noon. Chilled out for a bit. Then I got sent to Ace Hardware on an errand to get this cement shit for my old man. I had to forge his signature on the slip for his Visa. Haha. Then I came home, did my thing, and got ready for work. I also made my other LJ a friends only journal. So I already added some people on there where they can view my entries, but others are going to have to ask to be added. Click Here to go to my other livejournal. My username for that one is Prettyinpunk688. I have had it for a while but kept it low key and stuff but today I just decided to delete all the entries and make it friends only. So if you wanna find some juicy stuff out, go there. So I left for work at 4:30 and took my sweet time rocking out to some Limp Bizkit and then Breaking Benjamin. I am addicted to BB's new song off their new album. I love the song So Cold. So when they played it I went wild. Haha. Then I sat in the parking lot for a few and made a phone call to set plans up for Friday. So I only have Thursday open now to hang out if anyone wants to. Just let me know. So work was fun tonight. It was me, Jenel, and Andrea at first and then Will came. Then it ended up being just me and Will working at the registers. He was asking me for advice on dating and shit. Haha. What is one thing Kimi gives good advice about to others but can't keep a damn relationship on lock for her own self? Yep, that is it, dating advice. He thanked me for the advice. Then we were playing around and stuff and he got renamed William the Great. We are gonna put that on his name tag. Haha. I had this one dude who was in the Navy like starring at either my name tag or my breasts for a really long time. We will just say my name tag seeing how we all know that my b-cup breasts aren't that appealing. Haha. But overall work was fun and a good night. I worked 4 hours and 12 minutes which will probably piss Sammie off because I worked over 4 hours. Haha. Oh well. Then after work I got my Dad a birthday card for his 55th birthday coming up shortly and then myself some food. Then I came home and I am sitting here typing this up. Hehe. Okay, well that is it boys n girls.

Here is a survey for you all to fill out if you get bored enough. Hehe.

am i...
- cute?
- crazy?
- lovable?
- funny?
- daring?
- a good person?

would you...
- hug me?
- miss me if i was gone?
- kiss me?
- make out with me?
- take me somewhere romantic?
- buy me a teddy bear?
- go out with me?
- marry me if you could?
- make out with me in a cemetery?
- make out with me in the rain?
- cuddle with me?

if you could...
- give me a new name, it would be?
- do one thing with me, it would be?
- give me a piece of advice, it would be?
- kidnap me for a day, where would we go?

just a few questions...
- what do you love about me?
- what do you hate about me?
- what is my best quality?
- if you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
- what song reminds you of me?
- have you ever had a dream about me?
- do you think i'm a virgin?
- if you just met me, how old would you guess i am?
- if you could give me anything, what would it be?

-am i ugly, average, decent, good looking, drop dead-sexy, etc?
- if you could describe me in one word, what would that word be?
- when we first talked, what were your thoughts?
- do you wish we were closer?
- are you sick of stupid surveys like this one?
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It's Not Me You Are Waiting For [Jul. 10th, 2004|09:39 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
[Current Mood |tiredI need a massage.. Any takers?]
[Current Music |Midtown's album Forget What You Know]

It's been a couple of days since I've updated. Not much really to say about yesterday. I got up, got ready for work, went to work. Then of course I worked. Michelle went on a McD's run and got me a hamburger which took me 2 hours to eat because I was so busy. I'd get half a bite and then I'd have to put it down and ring 50 people up. And omg. I totally forgot. There is some goody stuff to speak of yesterday about. Well I got the definite that moi, is on the guestlist for Warped Tour. Haha. Yep, that is right, I, Kimberly Kirchberg, am on the guestlist for Warped Tour. Hehe. I'm special. And then my Box Car Racer cd came in the mail too. So yesterday was a good day. Then I got my schedule for next week. Well, my hours did go up. Here is my schedule for next week:
SUN 5-9
MON 2-6
TUES 2-6
WED 4-8
SAT 10-2

So I guess you can say yesterday was a very good day. Hehe. Now on to today. I was woken up at 11 this morning. My Dad's parents came into town for a bit to visit. It wasn't all that miserable. Haha. Then I had to work at 5 until 9. It was super busy. And then I had the register fucking kill eggs and soda today. They are the registers from hell at Food Lion!!! Haha. And then that dude from my bus showed up at my work again. He said hey and looked like he wanted to talk to me and everything but I acted like I was too busy. Haha. Then Michelle had to come in for Lisa since she broke her leg. Michelle was telling me that the janitor would run somebody over with the floor cleaner and I laughed but then I laughed harder when the dude tried to run over a customer. I was like "DANG!" And Michelle was like, "See? I told you!" Then I left at 9. And because I had such a hard day, I coped with it the way I like to. I got all close and personal with my best friend Vodka. LoL. I took a shot of Vodka straight up and then fixed myself a drink. I took that bitch down in like 2 minutes and my Mom was like, "you finished it? You don't need to drink if you are gonna do that." These people don't need to talk to me about drinking, I know how to drink and handle my liquor. Haha. Well, I am bored, So I will probably go have another drink. Yum yum. I'm out. Bye.

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give it up [Jul. 8th, 2004|09:07 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]
[Current Music |midtown's forget what you know]

i dont really feel like typing this now seeing how i'm in a bad mood but here is the short of things:

so i got up at like 5:30 to get somewhat ready to take the old man to work at 6. i got home at 7. i then got my ass ready to go hang with stacey. went over there at 9. i met the infamous Q she is referring to alot in her posts these days. then stacey made us some strawberry pancakes. they were yummy. after that we deposited my pay check at the bank, dropped something off at my insurance place, stopped by food lion to see if they had the schedule done which they did not. so after that it was onward to the mall. first stop was hot topic and stacey got some bracelets. we ran into alyssa and stacey talked to her for a bit. then we did or thing. walked and browsed the shit in the stores. we saw nicole baker in pacsun but i didnt say anything to her. after the mall, we picked ryne up at the library so my mom could go tan and stacey ran into kristian. they talked for a few. after the library we went to best buy. i finally spent money there. i bought blank cds and then midtown's new cd forget what you know. from what i've been able to listen of it today, it's pretty good. can't complain. i love the song give it up on there but of course i have that song on the spider-man 2 soundtrack. after best buy i stopped by the atm to get money b/c we were gonna eat at blue boy's but stacey's mom ended up not letting her. so then me and ryne came home. then i had to leave again to pick up the old man. we got in a heated discussion about the belly button piercing. my mom caved in and said she'd sign if i could get my dad to consent. well i got him off of the "your body is a temple of christ" bullshit. so he was like, "well then no because i think it's sleazy and girls only do it to give themselves confidence and you have enough of that already." i was pissed. so pissed that i neglected to go say hello to paul when he was here. i just went to my room and fell asleep. which now i'm sort of glad i didn't because my mom told me doug was with paul and doug gets on my nerves. but anyways, ryne woke me up, we had pizza and watched bad santa. it's actually not that funny. i would recommend it. shit, i'm all for the raunchy movies and shit, but this one just sucked period. my dad also rented monster and master and commander. i wanna see monster but i'm not too sure about master and commander. oh well. well ryne almost fucking died tonight. while we were eating pizza he fucking choked on the cheese and was turning blue in the face. it was freaky. well, after watching the horrible movie bad santa and watching my lil brother almost choke to death, i went to my room to balance my check book. well i looked at my receipts, turns out i had a misunderstanding and fucking bounced some shit today. so i'm not too happy about that. actually that is why i'm in a fucking bad mood right now. but my dad said he'd call and get things straight tomorrow. i hope to hell he does or i will only have like $15 on my debit card. if everything gets fixed i'll have like $50. well, i am gonna go. i got a splitting head ache. tomorrow i got work from 4-8. i guess for the most part my day off was alright. so tomorrow it is back to the standing on the feet for 4 fucking hours straight and putting up with crazy ass characters. oh well. sounds fun to me. ha ha. ok, i'm out.

xoxox xLoOxVoEx xoxox
<3333333 kimi <3333333

ps.. sorry to those of you who i missed your calls. i wasn't in much of a talking mood tonight so i didn't bother to return the calls i missed. if i remember and get a chance to tomorrow i will call ya back.
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my moves will be so hot you'll have to stand under the fan [Jul. 7th, 2004|07:57 pm]
Kimi The Arsonist
[Current Mood |workingworking = $$$]
[Current Music |Hellogoodbye's EP]

i got 2 words that explain today.. PAY DAY!!!! haha. my check wasn't as much as i thought it would be. only $153.13 for 28.93 hours. greedy ass uncle same took $20.45 from my paycheck so it originally was $173.58. oh well. tomorrow i'll probably borrow my dad's car and cash my check and then go piddle around for the day. i will probably see if stacey wants to hang out seeing how we haven't gotten to all summer and she is leaving for summer camp sunday and i work friday and saturday so tomorrow is my only free day.

i got up at 11 today. messed around, then cleaned my fish tank. my fish was all alive and well before cleaning it, but i guess it was in too much shock and had a heart attack or something from my little brother sticking his hands in the tank to get the rocks for me. so RIP emo. you will be missed. but just go figure, the fish has been living in dirty ass water for a while now and then when i clean it and feed the fish, the damn thing dies. who knows. oh well. then after all that i had to go hurry up and get ready for work. i took mom's van. not too long into my shift will comes in so i gave him my keys so he could go get my yearbook out of the van and bring it in. he showed me his friend that he knows and then daniel showed me a shitload of people he knows which reminds me when i talk to stacey i gotta tell her something. but yea, work was kind of slow. daniel had me dusting for a while. just what i wanted to do. haha. oh well. at least i am getting paid to dust there unlike at my house. which i am gonna have like 24 hours for this week so it's gonna be close to what i made for 2 weeks on the paycheck i got today and then just think once i get the following week added to this one. it's gonna be a hella nice paycheck. score. haha. well, i am gonna go. holler at ya'll later.
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